How to Manage Creatives: Advice from Mick Jagger

By Mark Macias

I came across a letter that Mick Jagger wrote to Andy Warhol after he hired him to create his next album cover. Most people know Andy Warhol was eccentric and creative – and not exactly easy to work with. But he was an artist and created masterpieces. He was also a superstar publicist at the root, elevating the value of his artwork. (I wrote an article about this for Forbes, which you can read here).

Over the years, I’ve worked with many CEOs, CMOs, entrepreneurs and junior marketing managers. I’ve found the companies that got the most out of MACIAS PR let our creative energies run. And the clients who thought they knew more about the media than us and micromanaged our strategy typically didn’t see the same results as the clients who trusted our judgment.

There are great lessons on how to manage a creative team in this letter. You will put the pieces together if you read the letter.


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