How to Leverage Current News Cycle for Publicity

Are you a nutritionist or health brand looking for more exposure? The WSJ has a great story today that will help any lifestyle or health brand leverage the news cycle for coverage.

Even if your brand is not listed in this article, a story like this provides new opportunities to position a nutritionist, dietitian and weight loss brand into the news cycle. Sure, most consumers know ultra processed foods can lead to obesity, weight gain and other health conditions. But the real PR insight from a story like this comes from calling out popular food brands and providing detailed insight on what is wrong or right with the food. The WSJ reporter did a great job of doing this. (That’s what got my attention. I saw my son’s favorite Ritz crackers in the photo).

So how do you sell your health brand to reporters, producers or editors with a story like this?

If you’re a local brand, focus on the morning show in your TV market. If you’re a national lifestyle brand, make sure your “health” expert has the credentials to sell the expertise. This is one of those campaigns where the “food expert” actually needs be a nutritionist or physician. You don’t want to position a story like this around a founder or entrepreneur. Reporters can read between the idea and see you’re trying to leverage their platform for free publicity.

How to Execute PR Campaign

As for execution, it will be harder to sell this same story (with the same examples) to larger news organizations (since the WSJ might be a competitor) but if you highlight different popular snacks or foods, the story can become differentiated. Make sure your story or segment adds new insight. Don’t retell the same story. Add a twist to it, like “what is the healthiest junk food when it comes to ultra processed foods?” That’s a different angle that plays off the same theme.

Finally, not everyone reads the WSJ on a daily basis. That works to your advantage. Popular notions when it comes to the media: 1) don’t sell the same story to a news competitor 2) it’s okay for a local outlet to run with the same story from another local market. (As a local TV producer, I always looked to see which stories were making traction in other markets). In today’s shrinking newsrooms, not every producer or reporter has the time to scour for new enterprise ideas. This is a moment when many reporters will appreciate you bringing a popular enterprise idea to their attention. Just be conscious of the media market and reporter’s background. Program directly to their market and interests – not yours. My random thought of the day after reading the article. Good luck!


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