How to Identify the Best PR Agency for your Business

What is the best PR agency for your organization?

There are objective measures to help you identify the best firm for your business – and it has nothing to do with a firm’s size, revenue, industry or makeup. Here are three questions to help your selection process.

Do you want national media coverage?

With today’s technology, you don’t need to be in any specific city because you can reach reporters from anywhere. However, there are advantages to being on East Coast time.

A publicist on the East Coast has more time to develop angles from overnight developments. It’s not as easy on the West Coast since most publicists are asleep when reporter assignments are handed out (5 am PST). Factor in deadlines, and you can see why people on the West Coast have less than three hours to pitch national news organizations.

Do you want local news coverage?

When it comes to getting a story on the local news, there are many variables to factor in, but region and media market play a pivotal role in influencing coverage. Generally speaking, it helps to work with a publicist who understands the editorial slant in that local news market.

For example, the Northeast region of the country – including New York, Boston and Philadelphia – place a larger emphasis on harder news, while West Coast cities tend to run more softer news features. If you’re leaning toward hiring a local agency in your city, make sure the publicist understands the local news climate and nuances. 

Should you bring PR in-house?

This is a legitimate question for anyone in accounting or operations. Why hire a PR agency when you might be able to hire a full-time person for roughly the same cost?

This is more subjective based on the publicist’s experience, approach and tech tools given to the in-house hire. If the budget is smaller and your in-house publicist has less experience, I’d go with the team that can better scale the story.

Want to hear more? My Forbes article provides more perspective on finding the right PR partner, including when it comes to the nuances of pitching tech and Silicon Valley.


Mark Macias founded his agency in 2009 after a long journalism career at both the local and national levels. As Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York, Macias approved all story ideas and scripts from reporters and producers in the Special Projects unit. The unit encompassed features, medical, health, consumer and tech beats. Macias is a contributor with Entrepreneur and Forbes, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice. City & State Magazine named him a top Political PR Player in New York in 2024. MACIAS PR was also named the 2017-2020 Strategic PR Firm of the Year, and PR Firm of the Year by Finance Monthly Magazine. 

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