How Much Does PR Cost? MACIAS PR Unveils Free Tool That Reveals Cost

NEW YORK, February 22, 2019 ( – It’s the question every business owner wants to know: How much does PR cost? The top tech and healthcare PR firm MACIAS PR has just unveiled a free tool to help all founders, marketers and business owners identify the cost for any public relations campaign – without even picking up the phone. is exactly what the name says – a free PR quote for any business or industry, regardless of size.

The founder and owner of MACIAS PR Mark Macias says he created the virtual tool as a way to help business owners who are asking him “How much does PR cost?”

“How much does the typical PR campaign cost is a relevant question in business,” said Macias. “The cost for PR is similar to other service sector industries, like accounting and law. The cost depends on how many hours are needed to execute the campaign; how complicated is the work; what specific needs do you have; how unique is your product. provides a free PR estimate based on how the business responds to these questions.”

How to get a Free PR Quote

Macias says the best part of this tool is that business owners don’t even need to pick up the phone. The digital tool has drop-down menus that help entrepreneurs figure out what is right for them.

In the past, marketing teams had to spend hours on the phone with a PR account executive before they could get an estimate for a PR campaign. Macias says this new PR quote tool eliminates that frustration.

“Who wants to talk on the phone and hear a sales pitch? No one,” said Macias. “This tool saves businesses money out of the gate. If the cost and services are right for you, then it makes your business more efficient.”

Free PR Quote takes less than 30 seconds to fill out. Macias says a detailed cost and proposal is then sent out within 48 hours.

‘It’s difficult to give an authentic PR estimate over the phone without knowing anything about the goals of the business,” said Macias. “Do you want to reach local consumers or customers across the country? Is this a B2B or B2C campaign? How unique is your product or service? Does your business have a great story to tell? All of these questions factor into the cost. By filling out the online questions, everyone saves time and knows what they are getting before they even hop on a call.”


MACIAS PR was founded in 2009 by Mark Macias Рa former executive producer with NBC, senior producer with CBS in New York and author of the business books Beat the Press: Your Guide to Managing the Media and The Tao of PR. In 2017 and 2018, MACIAS PR was named the Strategic PR Firm of the Year by marketing peers. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Finance Monthly named MACIAS PR the Financial PR Firm of the Year based on their media deliverables, expertise and innovation in PR.

As a journalist, Macias was nominated for five Emmys in the categories: News & Public Affairs, Features, Business/Consumer, Documentary Programming, Religious Programming. He won an Emmy in News & Public Affairs. MACIAS PR has run branding, media and crisis campaigns for tech and healthcare organizations, financial groups, nonprofit organizations, politicians and trade organizations. The firm is based in New York City.