How Generative AI will Disrupt PR and Media

OpenAI just took another huge leap in content creation with the ability to create videos from text prompts. This is going to dramatically and quickly disrupt the world for content creators, publicists and journalists –  but not in the way you might suspect.

A few years ago, I wrote an article for Forbes that predicted AI wouldn’t replace PR. Generative AI will definitely streamline content creation and steal jobs from creators, but there isn’t enough quality data for AI to create an actual media strategy from scratch. Without quality data, AI doesn’t have the information to create a timely strategy. In the case with news, most data would become outdated with each passing news cycle.

Machine learning is great for analyzing data and predicting behaviors on the macro level, but creating a business or media strategy for most industries requires an intimate knowledge of processes, history, trends and emerging technologies that can expand market share. Machine learning needs that valuable component that is missing in PR and news.

How Generative AI is Disrupting Healthcare

Over the last year, I’ve worked with a large healthcare revenue cycle management provider and observed first-hand how generational AI was disrupting automation across patient access and reimbursement. But “automation” is the key word behind that disruption. Generative AI is a job killer for automated tasks but critical thinking from humans combined with quality data is still needed to interpret and advance a strategy. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in healthcare, PR or the media.

So how will this latest generative AI disrupt your ability to share your message directly to consumers, enterprise or business? If your marketing or PR campaign is focused around content creation, you might want to reassess the time and resources devoted to this strategy and leverage more generative AI. Instead, focus that time on developing the execution and strategy that will spread the content. Here’s an example to demonstrate that thought.

The video below was created with just 14 prompts of text, and it didn’t require any resources. In my opinion, it’s of the same caliber as Unreal Engine, which many consider the premier in video creation. The prompt that generated that video: “Tour of an art gallery with many beautiful works of art in different styles.”

Here’s the takeaway for PR and marketing plans. You now have a great video but how do you tie it to your business? How do you leverage the video to tell your story to customers or the media? Generative AI will create the video but it won’t answer that question. And that goes back to my 2020 Forbes article: you need a strategy to leverage content. Generative AI can write press release but you still need to identify the message and frame it in a way that generates news. For that, you still need #alwaysfreshpr


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