Forbes Analysis – Do Press Releases Lead to Media Coverage?

If you do any research on the different PR newswires, it’s very easy to believe that their distribution lists will lead to coverage. Unfortunately, that’s a bit misleading from my perspective from inside the media.

Yes, many of these news organizations will publish your press release, but it’s less likely people will find it. In addition, Google is picking up fewer of these press releases.

I wrote a story in Forbes that was published today – Do press releases lead to media coverage? You can read the story to get a deeper assessment on when press releases are more effective. Here’s a shorter version of that content to help you understand when press releases can work.

Get a Milestone on the Record

When clients have big announcements, like a jump in users or a new partnership, press releases can help with publicity. 

The press release helps get your announcement on the record so when people research your company, they will see the valued milestone.

Press Releases help with SEO

Search engines are tricky, and Google never reveals its algorithm. However, Google openly admits the priority it places on good content. If a press release is written well, and has a news peg, your chances for online exposure grow dramatically.

But don’t confuse the SEO for media coverage. During my time as an Executive Producer with NBC, I never once went on any PR Newswire looking for story ideas. However, if the press release is written well, it can bring more exposure to people searching for that topic.

Are All PR Wire Services The Same?

That’s a very big blanket question that I can’t answer because your story and media targets might be different. However, if you look closely at the PR wire services, you can compare and see their news distribution. They are very transparent about who they reach.

So in theory, if two distribution companies say they reach the same news organizations, you probably can select the company based on price. However, if the writing in the press release is poor, it doesn’t matter who publishes the release. A poorly written press release won’t get picked up.

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