Creative Tactics that Andy Warhol applied in Publicity

Andy Warhol might have been a great artist, but he was also a brilliant publicist at the root. He knew how to sell concepts and create buzz with the media. Even more impressive, Warhol did this at a time before we had the tech platforms that we have today. There was no Instagram or Twitter to share his story.

Much of Warhol’s creativity can be copied and applied to your publicity campaign. I wrote an article for Forbes that breaks down four publicity tactics Warhol used to generate coverage. You can read the Forbes article here. If you’re short on time, you can read the highlights on the next page.

Channel Creative People in PR

I was always creative during my time in TV – in fact, it’s how I was promoted to one of the youngest Executive Producers in NBC history. But today, I need to channel creativity from my team. The best news stories and features always have a creative component. My Forbes story goes deeper on how to identify creative angles and leverage them with the media.

Bend the Rules in PR

This is a big tactic that is still relevant today. I work with many CEOs and politicians who don’t want to offend anyone. I understand their need for that, but it doesn’t mean you have to communicate a boring story. Add flavor and color to your conversations, and when you’re speaking with reporters, drop the canned, cliches.

There are two more tactics I break down in my thought leadership. If you’re company needs help with its brand, feel free to reach out to us here, or get a free PR estimate by clicking here.


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