Is your Communications Director Qualified?

By Mark Macias

I was approached last week by the editor of the Daily Caller to give my thoughts on the new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci. The editor wanted to know what I thought of Anthony. Would he be good? Was he qualified? How did a hedge fund guy become the top communications guy for a White House entrapped in scandal?

You can read my thoughts in the Daily Caller here. I elaborate on why I think Scaramucci is in over-his-head. But let’s bring this post back to you.

What does a Communications Director do?

A solid communications director needs to understand how to create the messaging for customers and the media. He or she needs to be able to communicate the big picture but understand the details well enough to communicate and sell the story to the masses.

An experienced media strategist will also know how to put out a crisis, or slow it down before it turns into an all-out blaze.

One of the reasons why I said in my Daily Caller editorial that Scaramucci was in over his head is because he doesn’t appear to have a consistent message that coincides with the administration. On his first weekend on the job, the administration gave conflicting messages on the same story. This is why when my clients are speaking with the media, I always encourage us to have just one spokesperson. It keeps the message consistent.

Time will tell if Scaramucci evolves in a great communications director. I suspect your new hire will likely last longer than his term, considering the President’s track record for changing opinions of his executive hires.

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