Client Case Study – Private Equity Firm Commercial Real Estate

MACIAS PR launched a media, branding and crowd funding campaign for a private equity firm that needed help raising capital for their commercial real estate projects.

The PE firm had specific goals. They needed help funding their real estate projects in Arizona, Long Island and Ohio, and they wanted to target accredited investors. Equally important, the PR firm didn’t have a CMO or marketing team. MACIAS PR worked closely with their CEO to conceptualize story lines, identify media outlets and markets, and pitch reporters.

Media Campaign for Private Equity Firm Specializing in Commercial Real Estate

Investment campaigns are more challenging than traditional campaigns because money is at stake. No respected news organization will place a financial expert as the source for their story unless he or she is vetted and credible. 

Our team had to sell this CEO, his experience and firm’s reputation to journalists.

Proof of our success came a front-page business section feature in the New York Post. The headline said it all: The Man who Invests the Money of the Ultra-Rich.

In addition to appearing on the front page of the Sunday business section, we lobbied to get the story syndicated to other News Corp. publications. Our team also secured other prominent and targeted media placements, including, Long Island Business News, International Business Times – and targeted publications that pushed our crowd funding angles.

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