Client Case Study – Media Campaign for Physicians

MACIAS PR has run media campaigns for many hospital and health care organizations, including Columbia University Medical Center, Burke Rehabilitation Center, and Meru Health.

But we’ve also run targeted media campaigns for practicing physicians too. I never realized this before working with Columbia University Medical Center, but physicians and hospital groups need to develop new business too.

In July 2021, a physician reached out to MACIAS PR, asking for help promoting his medical practice built around the microbiome. He explained to me over the phone how the gut has healthy and bad bacteria, which has a direct impact on how we feel, and our health.

I hadn’t really heard of the gut microbiome movement before our conversation, but I quickly realized this was an area of practice that was going to spread to the larger population quickly. When I asked the physician why I hadn’t heard of it, he was very candid.

“No one is talking about how the gut impacts our health but it’s real.”

Media Campaign for Practicing Physician

This physician had little time to guide us on story angles between his busy patient schedule and entrepreneurial business. Making our campaign more challenging, few media outlets at the time were discussing the microbiome. We had to conceptualize proactive and credible story angles for any tier one media coverage. 

Our approach led to prominent features and profiles in Forbes, Eat This-Not That, Yahoo Health, MSN Health, Food Navigator, UK Daily Express, Fox 5 Good Day and Good Morning Arizona – 3 TV. Here’s a snapshot of our editorial approach. We can share a more detailed case study on this campaign if you’d like to learn more. Message us here.

  • FOX 5 Good Day New York 
    • Physician discusses new Stanford Study on COVID
  • Good Morning Arizona – 3 TV
    • Physician discusses new Stanford Study on COVID
  • Forbes (3 different features)
    • Your Guide to the Best Fish Oil Supplements
    • What is MCT Oil?
    • How to Choose the best Vegan Protein Powder for You
  • Everyday Health
    • Sleep and Dehydration – the Link
  • Eat This, Not That 
    • Major Effect Fermented Foods have on your Health
  • Livestrong
    • 9 Best Health Apps, according to Medical Doctors
  • UK Daily Express 
    • How to Live Longer
  • Genetic Engineering and Biotech News
    • Clinical Trial Compares Fermented Diet with High Fiber Foods
  • Food Navigator
    • The New Cornerstone of a Gut Friendly Diet
  • YAHOO Health
    • One Major Effect Fermented Foods have on your Health
  • MSN Health
    • One Major Effect Fermented Foods have on your Health


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