Case Study – Media Campaigns for Congressional Candidates

Media campaigns for politicians can be some of the most difficult campaigns to run. Journalists can spot a politician’s agenda a mile away and don’t want to be a tool for their propaganda.

At the same time, newsrooms can’t give one candidate a larger voice over another for fear of alienating viewers. There are also FEC and FCC laws that must be followed by news organizations.

This is why it’s so important to focus on the news angle when trying to get media coverage for candidates. Marketing messages don’t work with reporters, so throw out those talking points. Thought leadership typically works best, while soft features are rarely successful in larger media markets.

Case Studies for Congressional Campaigns

MACIAS PR has run media campaigns for Congressional candidates across New York, Virginia, Arizona, Illinois, Oregon and California. For all of these campaigns, we worked with the candidates to identify the biggest issues and crafted story lines around them. Every media outlet was targeted based on its local influence factor.

Our strategic approach led to local and national media coverage for all of these candidates. In some cases, we secured national coverage for Democratic candidates on conservative outlets, like Fox News, knowing it would help with fundraising.

We also searched for inspiring stories with each candidate. For example, the member of Congress we worked with had a touching childhood story that would make any parent cry. We got that story placed with People Magazine. We also leveraged her policy expertise to land interviews with CNN, NPR, Washington Post, among many.

Case studies detailing this media coverage are available upon request.

International Media Campaign for Former UN Executive Director

MACIAS PR took a jump onto the global stage in 2022, launching a media campaign for the former UN Executive Director on Climate Change. We worked closely with the Ambassador to promote her climate expertise with the world’s most influential media outlets.

Our approach led to international coverage with the BBC, CNBC, the Financial Times, Politico, Reuters, The Guardian and more. We did this by identifying climate topics that positioned the Ambassador as the climate expert. Here is a closer look at some of the coverage MACIAS PR helped secure.

Media Coverage for former UN Executive Director

CNBC Interview: For this interview, the Ambassador discussed how a surprise agreement between Washington and Beijing could boost climate cooperation among countries.

BBC Segment Interview – The Ambassador discusses the upcoming UN Climate Conference and what we can expect.

Financial Times Interview Story explores the role Fossil Fuels will play with the UN climate conference.

Podcast on Bloomberg – Can climate change be solved without the help of the UN?

Interview with Reuters – Article explores why the UN climate conference must bring global leaders’ attention back to global warming.

Guardian Interview: The UN Executive Director on Climate Change turned to the private sector after her role with the UN. In this article, she discusses her new venture.

Politico Intervieew The Ambassador discusses what the UN wants to hear from President Biden at the UN Framework Convention.

Need Help with 2024 Political Campaign?

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