Client Case Study – Market Leading Lifestyle Brand

MACIAS PR led the rebranding and media campaign for the world’s largest online dating site, Plenty Of Fish from 2013 to 2015. Our media campaign re-introduced the lifestyle brand to singles between the ages of 20 to 45 in the US, UK and Canada.

The dating site approached MACIAS PR after Tinder and other dating apps started to steal its market share. The founder said he also wanted to reposition his dating website for an acquisition. 

Our initial goal was to grow the user base among females. Within six months, our team achieved their female acquisition goals and broadened our campaign to reach all singles. Six months into our launch, the founder told Business Insider his app was growing its use-monthly base by 15 percent.

Our creative media strategy used editorial and programming campaigns that led prominent news stories (not mere mentions) with some of the most influential publications around the world. Media coverage included features with: Time Magazine, The NBC Today Show, The Daily Mail in the UK, Yahoo Finance!, Business Insider, Glamour Magazine, Cosmo Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, as well as local TV and radio stations in the USA. In 2016, the company was named one of the “Best of the Web” by Time magazine.

Campaign Goals

Increase the female user base. Improve the overall brand among singles. Heighten brand awareness among emerging startups. Position the dating app as a safer alternative than the quickly growing Tinder app. The longer-term goal was to position the dating app for acquisition.

Campaign Challenges

Plenty Of Fish was in a very crowded space, making it more difficult to stand out from the competition. At the time of this campaign launch, there were more than 24 dating apps on the market. MACIAS PR had to identify story angles that raised the profile of the dating app without compromising its leadership position.

MACIAS PR was effectively at a disadvantage at the start because the brand’s negative reputation among many singles. It was viewed as the poor man’s dating app with less educated singles. Even more challenging, the number of female users kept growing smaller month-after-month.

Media Results

MACIAS PR raised the profile of Plenty Of Fish among singles, growing its monthly user-base by more than 10 percent. Our rebranding campaign was successful because in the summer of 2015, Match Inc. acquired Plenty Of Fish for $575 Million. Our media exposure had a direct impact on this acquisition.

Client Testimonials from Linkedin

“Mark is driven, passionate and gives everything he does 110%. As a PR Consultant for PlentyOfFish, Mark secured excellent coverage for the company including numerous national TV placements. Having worked as a former journalist and TV producer for a number of years, Mark truly understands the ingredients of a great story. His intuition as to which story angles will appeal to journalists and which won’t, is unlike any PR professional I’ve met. It was a pleasure working with Mark and I highly recommend him to any company looking for media relations and general PR support.”

-Plenty of Fish Communications Director

“Mark is an incredibly dedicated and creative force in the Public Relations world. As a PR consultant for PlentyOfFish, Mark consistently went above and beyond what was expected of him. Always up for a brainstorm or a pitch rewrite, Mark’s agility paired with his background as a journalist consistently landed strong placements for us over the years we worked together. I would strongly recommend him to any business looking to bolster their presence on the international stage.”

-Plenty Of Fish, Manager of Communications and Public Relations

You can read and watch the media placements we secured for Plenty Of Fish in the case study below. Click here to get a PR estimate for your company.


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