Client Case Study – Former UN Executive Secretary

Media campaigns for politicians can be some of the most difficult campaigns to run. Journalists are skeptical of politicians, knowing they are pushing an agenda. No reporter wants to be a tool for propaganda. 

This is why every political campaign must have a solid news angle. Not a marketing message or campaign narrative, but an editorial angle.

MACIAS PR has run media campaigns for Congressional candidates across New York, Virginia, Arizona, Illinois, Oregon and California. With all of these campaigns, we secured local and national media coverage for these candidates by identifying news angles that were timely and topical. 

In 2022, MACIAS PR took an international jump on the global stage by representing the former UN Executive Secretary on Climate Change.

International Media Campaign for UN Executive Secretary

Goal: To increase the personal brand awareness for the outgoing UN Executive Secretary on Climate. Introduce her new consulting services firm to potential government leaders and CEOs.

Challenges: The ESG firm was only a few months old, launching in a competitive global space. The former UN Executive Director was extremely busy building a consulting firm, putting the media strategy directly in our hands. The Ambassador had extensive experience dealing with the media, but this newest campaign involved a component of subtle selling to the media.

Strategy: Position the former UN Climate Chief as a thought leader on everything dealing with the climate, business and government. Our media campaign reach was global.


  1. Leverage the global climate conference, COP 27, in Egypt where leaders from around the world would attend.
  2. Position the UN Climate Chief as a strategic thought leader on climate, social and business in a relevant way that didn’t isolate people.
  3. Identify key media contacts at globel publications. We had to curate this media list to ensure we maximize the Ambassador’s time.
  4. Pitch stories that were timely, newsworthy, and of interest to the targeted audience.
  5. Prepare the Ambassador with briefing documents for all media interviews.
  6. Follow up with reporters, answer their questions, and continue to push relevant new topics for coverage.
  7. Track coverage and measure results

Media Results from International Campaign

Our media campaigns led to international coverage with the biggest media outlets in the world. They include: The BBC, CNBC, Financial Times, Politico, Reuters, The Guardian and others.

MACIAS PR had to dig deep into climate policy to identify news angles for this branding campaign. In addition, we leveraged the upcoming 2022 Climate Change Conference in Egypt for media angles.

Here is a closer look at some of the media coverage MACIAS PR secured for this campaign.

BBC Segment Interview: Former U.N. climate chief Patricia Espinosa discusses what the world’s largest countries can do to help in this climate change fight.

CNBC Interview: Former U.N. climate chief Patricia Espinosa discusses the climate leadership roles between the US and China.

Financial Times Interview: discusses the role gas and oil companies can play at the upcoming Climate Change Conference.

Podcast on Bloomberg: Can climate change be slowed without the UN?

Interview with Reuters: How can we get world leaders to focus more attention on climate change?

Guardian Interview: “Patricia Espinosa, the UNFCCC executive secretary from 2016 to 2022, isn’t just here attending events, she’s also promoting her new consultancy firm OnePoint5 – a reference to the temperature rise target that seems increasingly hopeless given the 1% rise in global emissions last year, and the seemingly unabated investment in new fossil fuels projects.”

Politico Interview: What role can the US play with financing climate change?

Media Campaign Takeaways

This media campaign might not seem relevant for US politicians, but if you look deeper, you will see how MACIAS PR identified news angles of interest for the world’s most influential news organizations. If we can do this on the international stage, we can duplicate this approach on the local stage.

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