CEO Strategies – Selling your Story to Reporters

Here’s a closer look at CEO strategies when you’re selling your story to reporters.

I’ve worked with a lot of CEOs and founders over the years. One mistake I frequently see CEOs make has nothing to do with what they say – but what they don’t say.

With any reporter interview, it’s your job to sell your company or service. If you don’t tell a reporter what is great about your product, they’ll never know.

You might assume reporters already know your business won a prestigious industry award, or learned about your innovations. It’s possible, but do you want to leave your selling point to chance?

Brag about your Product and Services

This is why I always advise clients to brag about their accomplishments. If you don’t tell the reporter what your business accomplished, it’s highly likely he or she will write about it. And don’t worry – it doesn’t sound like bragging. The reporter knows this is a part of your story.

And here’s the best part. When your story is published, you won’t sound like a bragger. The reporter – or media outlet – will be the platform communicating your message. That’s the difference between PR and marketing. When you say – it’s a self promotion. But reporters write about it, it’s great PR and more believable. 

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