Case Study – Health Tech Startup Launch

MACIAS PR has run media campaigns for many large digital health companies – like Noom, WellRx and Lifesum – but we’ve also launched publicity campaigns for smaller health tech startups.

A few years ago, the Israeli startup, MDAcne, approached MACIAS PR for help with raising the profile of their mobile app in the US. The founders said they wanted to increase their downloads and establish new B2B partnerships with dermatologists.

It was a challenging campaign from the start because the digital health company didn’t have any employees in the US. Their two founders were father and son, busy running the business, so the entire media workload and strategy was on our shoulders. They also didn’t understand the complicated US consumer market and didn’t have a spokesperson. 

Digital Marketing Deliverables for Health Tech Startup

MACIAS PR had to launch and execute this entire publicity campaign with little help from the company. Our approach positioned MDAcne as a tool to help women and teens with acne problems with the help of AI.

Despite the challenges, we succeeded with prominent targeted news stories with Women’s Health, Girls Life, HuffPost, Channel 11 in New York City, Med City News and others. Our partnership also introduced MDAcne to potential business partners via B2B media outlets.

This media campaign also had a direct positive impact on their downloads and helped improve their search position with Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines. 

As a direct result of our media campaign, MDAcne went from being unlisted on the App Stores before our media campaign to 7th in the US App Store and 19th in the UK App Store after our campaign got underway.

If you’re looking for help with your health tech startup, or established brand, feel free to reach out to us. Our founder can give you a detailed media strategy based on your goals.


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