Case Study – Branding Campaign for RX Brand in Provider Space

Rising prescription costs are at the forefront of the healthcare debate. Despite this timely news issue, one digital health company had trouble standing out even though it provided a unique value proposition that lowered prescription costs.

This case study looks at how MACIAS PR helped elevate the WellRx brand by placing targeted consumer stories across TV, print and influential online news publications. You can also read a Linkedin testimonial from the company executive who worked with our agency throughout our 3+ year relationship.

Targeted Goal from Publicity Campaign

WellRx approached MACIAS PR in 2017 with two objectives for their publicity campaigns: deliver more downloads and get their name in the news. The digital health company also wanted to get more mentions alongside their biggest competitor, which was dominating the industry news coverage.

We achieved these objectives, and helped the company expand their digital footprint for their different products and services. Our media exposure drove more downloads, helping the company gain market share. In addition, we assisted with their B2B messaging, writing press releases and securing targeted B2B media placements around their benefits program.

Digital Health Media Campaign Launch

MACIAS PR led the media strategy from conception to execution. The company rolled out several new products throughout our time of working together, and we had to become familiar with every new tech application.

We identified story angles for coverage and always ran them by the company executives before we reached out to reporters. In addition, we explained the value-add to the brand by pursuing these campaign ideas. Every company spokesperson was media trained by us before they spoke with reporters.

Our approach led to local and national media coverage for the company across TV and print. Over the course of our 3+ years of working together, we had several different marketing points-of-contact. Despite the different point-of-contacts, we continued to generate publicity for the brand and achieve the goals delivered to us. 

Media Deliverables

Our media strategy led to local TV segments across the country, including in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Tucson, Las Vegas, Dallas and others. We also positioned their leadership team as experts in the prescription and pharmacy space. USA Today, US News, Kiplingers are just a few of the publications that turned to their executives as sources of expertise for their stories.

The above case study goes more in-depth on the media coverage we secured for WellRX, and how our approach led to a massive change in consumer behavior. Click here if you’d like to see how we can help your business.


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