Best PR Quotes for your Business

by Mark Macias

I honestly believe MACIAS PR is an incubator for ideas. Our team is constantly writing, pitching, researching and brainstorming over new ideas. Along the way, popular quotes get thrown out.

A coordinator put together and framed some of the top quotes she heard in our office. Some of these quotes are insider jokes, but there are a few quotes that are tactical to our agency. Here’s a closer look at the top quotes that are aligned with our firm’s strategy, and how they can apply to your brand.

“Information is not an angle!”

Many CMOs and entrepreneurs wrongly believe that information is a news angle. It’s not. Information is only the support for an angle. I’m always telling our team to quit pitching information. Reporters don’t cover information; they write about angles.

“Why should people give a sh**?”

Okay, sometimes profanities are expressed in our office, but this is a classic one. Reporters and people won’t read a story unless you make them care. That means we need to get them to give a sh**. At MACIAS PR, we always identify the societal impact before we pitch any story to reporters.

“You have to sell your work.”

Many people don’t realize they have to sell their work, even if they aren’t in sales. Your job might not have a direct impact on revenue, but your boss should know how valuable you are to the team. This is more of a mentoring lesson for interns, but it applies to our strategy. At MACIAS PR, we are always selling the story. If we don’t sell the story, we don’t place the story.

“Can’t doesn’t exist in this office.”

All things are possible with MACIAS PR. Sure, if you have a really bad product, we won’t be able to get you in the news, but at the same time, I probably won’t take you on as a client. I try to be selective with our clients. We don’t work with just any client. As I always say in potential client meetings, this has to work both ways. If I don’t see a news strategy for your business, I’ll tell you. Feel free to test me on that one by clicking here.

“News isn’t the history channel.”

Reporters and TV producers don’t typically write about history. Yes, there are exemptions, like right now, when Clinton’s impeachment trial relates to Trump’s impeachment trial. But that is the exception. For the most part, the news doesn’t care about your history. I saw this mistake a lot during my time in TV. Publicists would pitch me history segments, and occasionally, a member of my team will try to pitch me on a history angle. News is new, so keep it timely.

“You can’t put a today story in tomorrow’s paper.”

The best journalists and PR firms are able to see into the future. They identify a story that people will talk about tomorrow. It’s easy to know what consumers are discussing today, but if you’re trying to get that story in the news, it’s already too late. At MACIAS PR, we identify the angle reporters will want to hear tomorrow, and pitch it today. It’s one of the tactics we use to position our clients as experts in the New York Times, Newsweek and Politico.


MACIAS PR was founded in 2009 by Mark Macias – a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. The top tech and healthcare PR firm uses strategies that stem from his background inside the media.