Entrepreneur Magazine – Are You a Good Candidate for PR?

Not every business is a good candidate for PR. And if you reach out to the PR firm at the wrong time, there’s a good chance that they won’t tell you that you’re wasting money on PR.

Big shocker, especially since I own a PR firm but it’s the honest truth.

I recently wrote a story for Entrepreneur Magazine that detailed which types of businesses are wasting their money on PR. You can read that editorial here.

But if you’re short on time, here’s an abridged version of the advice I shared with their readers.

What’s Your Expertise

Accountants, lawyers, physicians – and similar professions with an in-depth level of expertise, are great PR clients. These are the types of experts the media gravitates to, and places on their programs.

If you have an insider knowledge that relates to the larger market, reporters will be interested in hearing your insight. It’s the job of your PR agency to identify that expertise.

Does your Data Reveal any Trends

Data is another great way to position your story with the media. However, not all data is treated equally. Your data must be relevant and reveal new insight on the larger picture. Personally, I like to look for data that demonstrates a societal impact.

Don’t let any publicist deceive you into believing that your data alone will lead to coverage. I also elaborate on this topic in my Entrepreneur article.

What’s Your Story

This is critical because the media tells stories at the root. Yes, reporters can discuss new information but the stories that gain traction with the larger media outlets will be centered around a story.

Story tellers are critical to PR. At the root, MACIAS PR is built on story telling. Our founder was an Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. TV peers nominated him for Emmys. He also produced an Off-Broadway play that told the story of Elvis Presley.

We know how to tell stories. If you need help telling your story, we’d love to talk to you.