Another Crisis Brewing for Elon Musk and Tesla- How to Respond

Most people know Elon Musk is controversial but he’s close to igniting a new crisis with one of his most passionate and loyal groups of Tesla followers.

I wrote an article in Forbes a few years ago that detailed warning signs your brand is about to blow up and a crisis is emerging. If ignored, your brand becomes ripe for a crisis. This latest media coverage on Tesla is a clear warning sign to their stock owners who worry about pricing pressures and future EV sales.

Tesla owners are one of the few remaining groups who have stuck alongside Musk even after his divisive tweets, controversial statements and media comments. The media is now beginning to circle around Teslas that can’t charge in the cold, leaving drivers stranded. Chicago media was all over this story last week, calling Tesla charging stations “car graveyards.”

Another article in the global publication, The Express, is taking this communications crisis to a higher level. The story interviewed angry drivers who had to wait in 45-minute lines in Brooklyn and Queens to charge their vehicles because of a charging station shortage.

The Media Runs in Packs

Other media outlets will catch onto these negative stories, and sales will be impacted if the cold weather snap continues and Tesla doesn’t address this issue. Tesla reveals its earnings tonight so we’ll see how the company reacts to these new crises brewing over their charging stations.

But if past is prologue and Musk ignores the negative news coverage, I don’t have much faith that this next crisis will be handled better. And for Tesla stock owners, this presents yet another new headwind for future sales and the company’s PE. Just a little quip as you wait for Tesla’s earnings call.

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