Top Tech and Healthcare PR Agency, MACIAS PR, Releases Q3 Media Report

NEW YORK, September 29, 2020 – The top tech and healthcare PR agency — MACIAS PR — has released its Q3 media report, detailing the media coverage it secured for clients from July to September 2020. In the third quarter, MACIAS PR secured national news stories, several local TV segments and online features that reached […]

Healthcare PR in B2B – Used for Business Development

By Amanda Anderson PR is not just for consumer driven industries. Companies with a B2B focus can also benefit from media exposure by targeting industry trades with strong story angles. Macias PR secured a story today for our healthcare client in a B2B publication – HR Daily Advisor – which reaches more than 240,000 Human […]

Healthcare PR – Why Experience Matters (video)

By Mark Macias Personality matters in life but it will only get you so far with PR, especially with healthcare PR. Here’s a short video blog that explains why healthcare journalists are some of the most difficult reporters and producers to pitch. They scrutinize stories with a scalpel. Here’s how to improve your media coverage […]

Selecting the Best Healthcare PR Firms

By Mark Macias When it comes to selecting from the best healthcare PR firms, don’t fall for a fast-talking publicist or sales pitch. Listen closely to their media strategy and approach. Ask them how they are going to get your healthcare product or service on the news? The best media strategists will know off the […]

Why Health Tech and Healthcare PR Matters with the Media

By Mark Macias In the media, being first matters because it positions your news department as the leader. As a result, viewers and readers become conditioned to favor one news outlet over another when news breaks. It’s no different with healthcare PR when it comes to getting your message on the media’s radar. Reporters and […]

Does Personality help with Healthcare PR?

By Mark Macias Personality helps in life, but don’t rely on a bubbly personality to secure healthcare or health tech media placements. When it comes to stories of substance, a deep understanding of media strategy leads to medical coverage. Earlier this morning, I spoke with a dermatologist who told me she spent “a lot of […]

Healthcare PR – The first 60 Days of your Campaign Launch

By Mark Macias You will always perform better in team sports and business when you have a game plan in place. It’s no different with healthcare PR, especially when a media launch involves different messages from different departments. In healthcare PR, a 60-day game plan becomes even more significant because it typically requires a better […]

Healthcare PR – Pitching Medical Reporters

By Mark Macias The bar for securing healthcare and health tech stories is much more difficult with local and national news outlets, which means your media strategy and editorial campaign need to be that much stronger from the start. Generally speaking, healthcare and medical reporters are more educated and more suspicious of stories that aren’t […]

Healthcare PR – Do Press Releases work?

By Mark Macias There is a belief in healthcare PR that press releases posted on the PR newswires can get your story on the news. Don’t be misled by those promises from your PR firm or the PR newswires that these news releases will lead to media coverage. Healthcare reporters and producers are highly suspicious […]

Top 10 Healthcare PR Firms – The Back Story

By Mark Macias Type in “top 10 healthcare pr firms,” “top 10 tech pr firms”, or any other “top 10 pr firms” derivative and you will see different websites that rank PR firms. The top-10 lists lead consumers and business owners to believe that PR firms are ranked by a legitimate source, but here’s the […]