How to get your brand in Men’s Health Magazine

By Mark Macias

At some point in his life, every man will pick up Men’s Health Magazine. It’s one of the biggest publications in the US and the largest men’s magazine on newsstands. The publication speaks to men from all generations.

MACIAS PR is excited to say that our digital health client is on page 45 of this month’s issue of Men’s Health Magazine.

Getting a story in any magazine is much harder today than in previous years. The number of magazines keeps shrinking and that means the supply for stories is also dwindling.

Ten years ago, there were dozens of men’s magazines on newsstands. If one writer didn’t pick up your story, you moved onto the next. It’s not like that today. The supply for media placements gets smaller while the demand for publicity keeps growing.

How to get your Story in Magazines

Every once in awhile, a potential client asks me why they want to be in a magazine. “No one reads magazines or newspapers today,” they say.

Yes, that is partially true. Fewer people do read physical newspapers and magazines, but we are still reading those articles online.

There is another reason why magazines and physical newspapers are more special today. The experience of reading a physical publication becomes more personal.

If you’re on a plane or train, the experience of reading a physical magazine seems to become heightened. You read it more closely. The pages come alive. Sometimes, even the scent of the paper brings you back to your high school yearbook.

So the next time you pick up a magazine, pay more attention to how you feel. Notice how the words come alive on paper. MACIAS PR has secured features in Time, People, Men’s Health and others. There’s a strategy behind the placement. Reach out to us if you would like to hear our strategy for your brand.

Finance Monthly and ACQ5 5 – an international industry award – named Macias PR the 2017 Strategic PR Firm of the Year, and PR Firm of the Year – USA. This was the third year in a row that Finance Monthly recognized our firm. The founder – Mark Macias – is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He is also a PR contributor with CNBC, providing media analysis, insight and crisis advice on timely business topics.