Health Tech Client Named – Breakthrough Brands of 2017

By Mark Macias

We would like to do a shout-out to our health tech client, Noom, which was just listed as one of the “Breakthrough Brands of 2017.” Here’s a link to the article.

The global brand consultancy company, Interbrand, looked at brands that are breaking through the noise. Interbrand selected 40 different brands based on these five factors:

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Differentiation
  • Presence
  • Audience engagement.

BMJ Open Diabetes Research & CareĀ  and Scientific Reports, a research journal from the publishers of Journal, both published studies that concluded Noom helps people lose weight better than other popular weight loss programs. The digital health company has been featured in major publications, like the Washington Post, US News & World Report, TechCrunch, International Business Times, MobiHealthNews, CBS Boston, CBS New York, PIX 11 and others.

So congrats to Noom’s entire team for this brand recognition.