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Why We Deliver Better Results

Here at Macias PR we don't rely on our contacts in the media to get a story in the news. We leverage our media experience to define the strongest narrative that both intrigues journalists and consumers. We apply an editorial and programming approach to every campaign, giving us the best opportunity to position your business and brand into the conversation.

Every media strategy is developed with an insider knowledge of the elements needed for a compelling news story. We work closely with our clients to develop this strong narrative that generates leads and raises awareness for your brand.

This strategy is how Macias PR has secured media placements in different US markets, countries and in other languages. We identified the creative idea and scaled the message, securing media placements for our clients throughout Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe.

We continue to leverage our extensive media contacts established over the years but we place a larger emphasis on identifying the strongest narrative before launching any media campaign.

Hear What Our Clients Say

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